Thursday, 15 August 2013

Sugarpill Elektro Cute Collection and Chromalusts SWATCHES AND REVIEW!

First I'd like to say YES I know I recently made a blog post somewhat bashin Sugarpill for their 2 year tease of their newest products. LINK HERE FOR SOME RANTING.

Nevertheless, I have an addiction that need to be fed every now and then. I aleady have some Sugarpill Chromalusts in my arsenal... Magentric, Goldilux, Tipsy, Birthday Girl and Royal Sugar. Aside from Birthday Girl being a LIIIITTLE powdery, I am in love.

Magentric, Goldilux

Royal Sugar, Tipsy, Birthday Girl. Took this so long ago, ugh...
I tend to pine after makeup for several months, sometimes over a year, before purchasing. The same can be said for my latest Sugarpill purchase.
(Amy I'm still mad at you about Sparkle Baby and Cold Chemisrty etc but you make a hell of an eyeshadow).

With flash

Natural light


Allow me to explain.

I recently made a post about Coastal Scents Hot Pots, which I LOVE! I found lots of in-between colours I can't seem to find anywhere else. Supercharged is this ridiculous neon orange creamsickle that I have never ever ever ever seen before, so I had to buy it. I already have tons of primary and secondary colours, so I wanted some more ambiguous colours that might perplex someone who is colour-blind (and often unable to identify tertiary colours)...
Disclaimer: I should mention I didn't order those eyeshadows specifically to confuse potentially colour-blind people, I just like blending different shades together, which is easier to do with transitional tones.

The same goes for these Sugarpill Chromalusts and the one Elektro Cute I got. As I said, I have used Chromalusts in the past. Different shades have various textured. Ex, Darling, Birthday Girl and Royal Sugar are kiiinda more on the matte/powdery side (especially Birthday girl) and the others are more like a powdered metallic very fine glittery shimmery thing. There is always a way to apply them nicely; this goes for literally any type of texture/colour/form of eyeshadow, pressed or loose, whatever.

However, things get tricky when you start playing with neon shades. Neon pigments by nature have a different texture. They tend to be a little more grainy, and clump when applied wet rather than become dispersed in water or mixing medium like most pigments. MAC crushed metallic pigments kind of have this problem too. They are also more coarse and powdery, less malliable if that makes sense, so when applied dry it's hard to get them to look un-patchy. ESPECIALLY MATTE NEON EYESHADOWS. Most companies add compounds like Boron Nitride to aid with slip and adhesion, but neon pigments are neon pigments and let's face it- they just don't want to stick to our eyelids.

This is why I am slightly confused at Sugarpill's choice of adding ultra-fine glitter to these- which want to tick even LESS to human skin.

Xsparkage (Leesha) and Vintageortacky (Cora) are among my favorite Youtubers, so here are some links to their video reviews/tutorials discussing the matter. They have some helpful tips and things to keep in mind when using these, or neon eyeshadows in general. Quite informative. :)

Leesha's Review
Leesha's Tutorial
Cora's Review
Cora's Tutorial

On to my swatches!
I just used my finger and little water.

Supercharged, Decora, Weekender, Darling, Absinthe (with flash)

Natural light
With flash again, they look a lil different.

I swatched in different lighting so you can see how Supercharged, the Elektro Cute tends to clump up a bit when applied wet. Patted on top of a really good sticky base helps get the actual powder to stick but does not hold onto the gitter like mixing medium does. A shimmery sticky base helps with that!

Dat's all I gotta say, video tutorial to follow!

Please send any requests to

Sugarpill Sweetheart Palette Tutorial

Hey hey hey! I'm back with the brights, and I love the challenge such contrasting colours present as in this palette. My review on Sugarpill products can be found here. :)

This was way too much fun. Get ready for some more bright looks to come!

Products Used:

-Makeup Forever HD Foundation #123
-Chanel translucent loose powder
-Bobbi Brown Bronzer
-Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface

-Urban Decay Primer Potion
-NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
-Suparpill Sweetheart Palette (Take, Dollipop, Afterparty, Midori)
-Inglot black eyeshadow (as liquid liner)

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Coastal Scents Hot Pot Review- Custom Palettes

Hey all! How many of you like spending more money than you need to on makeup? As you have seen in my videos and blog posts, I use eyeshadows and such from all different companies. If I find a colour I like that I don't already have or haven't seen elsewhere, I will use it. However, I don't love spending 10-20$ on unique shades...


Similar to Inglot, Coastal Scents has a system where you can built your own palettes, choosing from their large selection of eyeshadows. (Incredibly extensive! My one complaint is that they don't make a pure matte black. Not a hard one to find in general, but ya know...) They offer single pods, quads, 12-piece and 28-piece empty palettes to put these gems in.

Here are the 12 I chose! :) Swatched with a Q-tip over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk.

The empty palette I chose was 5.95$ and each solo was 1.95, and I got 30% off. Not bad :)

I shall now post swatches, both in daylight and with a flash.

Watermelon, Petal Peach, Sunflower Petal, Light Yellow

Python Green, Limelight, Sea Lily, Empress Teal

Wild Wisteria, Queen's Jubilee, Love Spell, Fancy Pansy

So I got each of these colours for specific reasons. Mainly I chose tertiary shades I could use as in-between colours and for blending. The only 2 colours that surprised me when I got them were Petal Peach and Sunflower Petal. I expected Petal Peach to be less neutral, more of a pastel orangey-coral colour. I thought Sunflower Petal would be just a bit more on the orange side. Nevertheless, I am incredibly pleased with the uniqueness and vibrancy of these!

They are soft and smooth, really easily blended. I do find I need the NYX  Jumbo Pencil in Milk to get them to stick better, like with any bright eyeshadow. When I use the peachy shade to blend a brown colour out, in my crease, it adds a lovely warmth to the eye look.

These are ridiculously affordable and surprisingly good quality! As with any online purchase, try to compare all the pictures and chose the colours you want. So happy I have these!